Swedish Rape Microphones

MicComparison1We seem to be dealing with Sweden a lot. Perhaps it’s because Sweden is less of a sovereign nation state as it is more an idea, a concept, a meme, a slight smell drifting on the breeze. In this admittedly potentially dodgy source┬╣, it seems the befuddled, Clouseau-esque police in Sweden will be placing hidden microphones in ‘vulnerable‘ areas to pick up the sound of women being culturally-enriched. Because the microphones will be hidden it would be assumed that any woman being violently diversified would do well to scream in every direction so that the microphone can pick her up. We’ve included some of our other favourite European efforts at assimilating inclusiveness and tolerance below!

┬╣ China.org; ‘Swedish police to place hidden microphones in crime-ridden suburbs of Stockholm’

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