The Rape & Suicide Of Angelica Wiktor

img1It has been a common practice to judge the moral capacity of any nation or society by how it treats those who are its most vulnerable.

Angelica Wiktor appears to have been a very disturbed young Swedish woman. In March of this year she was raped by one, perhaps two Muslim immigrants. At the time she was raped she had ben abusing sleeping pills and alcohol. Police arrested two men and questioned them. One of the immigrants said he knew that his co-rapist was in her apartment. The other ‘man’ said he didn’t do it. Gynaecological evidence says he probably did do it. Police later dropped the case, citing no reasonable probability of prosecution. Angelica committed suicide this June¹.

Her predicament reminds me of the young girls who were raped on an industrial scale by Muslim family rape gangs in Rotherham, England; they too were often (very) young girls who were experiencing various life-challenges. Angelica, like them, was doubly disadvantaged when it came to hoping that society would have the moral capacity to help its most vulnerable.

Joakim Lamotte is an investigative Swedish journalist (a real one) who has been looking into the sky-rocketing rape epidemic sweeping across his homeland. 932He has been following this, and other, rape cases in Sweden. Joakim’s plight is a fairly lonely and difficult one, especially as Sweden decided after 2005 not to report or even study the rates and incidents of immigrant criminality in general, and rape in particular.

Reports that do exist from 2005 and back show that immigrant criminality in Sweden has rates up to 20 times the non-immigrant population. This shocking statistic is itself possibly vastly under-rated through children born to immigrants classified as Swedes, and the non-reporting by victims. According to the Gatestone Institute², Sweden’s recent population growth is without parallel in its history: “Over the past 10-15 years, immigrants have mainly come from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia.”

In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants. [Gatestone Institute]

Perhaps the most alarming aspect to all this is the increasing reluctance of Swedish authorities to admit there is actually a problem. As in the Rotherham rape epidemic noted above, Swedish authorities will do everything not to draw attention to the criminality within its Muslim community. Even when a rape is reported to them (and there’s a 20-1 chance it will not be a Muslim male), there seems to be more effort exerted in hoping it will go away rather than actually proceeding with prosecution.

Like many progressive western nations, Sweden’s relentless pursuit of multiculturalism now necessitates Official Reasons Why™  rape has become Sweden’s most well-known product ahead of ABBA and Saab.

Rather than doing something about the problem of violence and rape, Swedish politicians, public authorities and media do their best to explain away the facts. Here are some of their explanations:

  • Swedes have become more prone to report crime.
  • The law has been changed so that more sexual offences are now classed as rape.
  • Swedish men cannot handle increased equality between the sexes and react with violence against women.

[Gatestone Institute]

According to the premise, we can judge the moral capacity of any nation or society by how it treats those who are its most vulnerable. If this is so, we must come to the absolutely incredible conclusion that many western societies now consider its immigrant, especially Muslim, population to be the only vulnerable part of society. Above everyone else. Above vulnerable women like Angelica Wiktor. Above its own historical culture and values.

Sweden’s moral capacity has gone.

¹ The Old Continent; Swedish Woman Raped By Syrian Migrant Commits Suicide After Prosecutor Drops Her Case
² Gatestone Institute, Ingrid Carlqvist & Lars Hedegaard; Sweden: Rape Capital of the West

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