Immigration Form Reform II

moma_magritte_treacheryofimagesFor ‘refugee’ read any immigrant from the Muslim world. When we have British politicians setting up classes so that Muslim men know that it’s not OK to rape an infidel woman¹ (which goes against the unchanging and perfect words of Allah), but First Nation Britons should not be prejudiced against the immigrant, nor his attitude towards females, and nor should the unending importation of immigrants ever be questioned, we know that the world is not only upside down but inside out.

So, should immigration forms just add the question, “Is it likely that you would want to rape an infidel female if the opportunity arose?” Based on the political leanings this could be followed up with, “If YES, would you consent to attending training to dissuade of the worthlessness of the infidel female?” If they answer no, then I suppose they come in anyway. After all what’s worse, a ‘refugee’ fleeing something amorphous from some undetermined country, or an aboriginal English girl fleeing his attempted rape?

¹ Clarion Project

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