Canada Is Way Too Green

_S3A08~1It has come to something when, in the immortal words of Basil Fawlty, stating the bleeding obvious is the mark of genius. In that vein the article by Mark Bonokoski is the work of a mastermind¹. On a recent cross-Canada rail journey my wife and I got a good sense of the obvious: the country is basically empty except for trillions of trees and millions of acres of wetlands and fresh water. Canada, and especially Ontario, now suffers from the European Disease; whereas they should have almost free energy and unlimited use of resources, they are choosing, both federally and provincially, to deliberately bow down before the Green God in punishing self-abasement.

In forests alone, Canada absorbs almost four times the amount of carbon it emits, meaning the other three-quarters of our forests are sustaining themselves on carbon being emitted by the rest of the world.

The math speaks for itself. Toss in the carbon being sucked in by wetlands and farmland on top of the carbon emissions our forests absorb, and Canada is virtually as green as green can be. [Mark Bonokoski]

What Bonokoski is stating here, apart from the obvious, is that, under such suicidal missions as the U.N.’s Agenda 21, Canada should be receiving credit from the rest of the world for its “carbon pollution”, meaning that Canadians should be enjoying almost free energy. But Agenda 21 is not about ‘green‘ is it; it’s about punishing the successful societies by bringing them down to the global common denominator, which inevitably means redistributing the West’s wealth to some of the most ecologically bankrupt and societally corrupt nations on earth².

The developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries… [U.N. Agenda 21, s.1,4]

¹ Toronto Sun, Mark Bonokoski; ‘Not seeing the forests for the trillions of trees

² U.N. Agenda 21; ‘Preamble

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