Daily Fascist: Mathieu Fleury

Mathieu Fleury

Liberal-donating Mathieu Fleury displayed his tyrannical tendencies to all like-minded fascistic types in Ottawa this morning, in a now-deleted tweet concerning the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy. Perhaps he was hoping to catch the eye of the equally-tyrannical, and equally-convoy-fearing, Prime Minister Justin ‘Kokanee Groper’ Trudeau’s attention — who can say? Birds of a feather, and all that. As of now, both Fleury and Trudeau are hiding away from the truckers, which I think doesn’t hurt the truckers’ feelings one little bit!

What did he say? Well, basically he feels that if he, or the government, disagrees with the opinions of other Canadians, then he should be allowed to raid your bank account in order to pay for city services.

As the protest continued to disrupt Ottawa businesses, Councillor Mathieu Fleury said the city should consider going after the multi-million dollar Gofundme account supporting the convoy. Ottawa police have said it’s costing $800,000 to control what it calls the “well-funded” group behind the convoy

Ottawa Citizen

This morning, I have asked the city manager and city solicitor to immediately launch court proceedings targeting the millions of dollars in funds frozen by @GoFundMe so Ottawa taxpayers are not left holding the bag for these protests.

Mathieu Fleury; deleted tweet

I’m assuming Fleury, being a fair-minded politician, wants to hear all viewpoints, and wouldn’t seek to punish only certain Canadians simply because he doesn’t like their opinions now, would he? He did the exact same for Black Lives Matter and their riots, didn’t he? He also wanted punishment for Antifa’s destructive ways also, right?

Let’s continue to have a community where everyone feels like they matter, that they belong and that their voices are heard.

Ironic quote from Fleury’s website

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