Ngozi Fulani: Traumatized Victim, Or Just Another Bigot Playing ‘TheGame’?

TheGame has been played progressively over the last forty years to the detriment of native-indigenous Britons; will there be time for most to admit it even exists?

The United Kingdom government recently released its 2021 census results. Those results confirmed, without too much surprise, that the native-indigenous of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, now comprise only 74.4% of the general population. From the mists of time, up until the 1980s and 1990s, or thereabouts, the people in those lands were a near 100% homogenous ethnicity. This census confirms that, in the space of a mere forty years, the foreign-ethnicity portion of the population has risen from a couple of percentage points, to over 25%. One generation and a bit.

Naturally, this dramatic demographic change has brought with it cultures, religions, and customs, that are, or were, completely alien within British civil society four decades ago. One fascinating, yet disturbing, aspect of this decline in the native-indigenous population (defined as ‘white British’ in the census) has been a strange ethnomasochism: a sort of joyful hatred of one’s own people. Included with this self-hatred is an embarrassment of their own history and cultural heritage, from which their resultant shame manifests as the need to destroy as much of it as quickly as possible. In effect, to disappear themselves.

Now, on to Ms. Fulani. As was brandished around over the last couple of days in the mediaverse, relentlessly and remorselessly, Ngozi Fulani, a woman of African and Caribbean heritage, born in Britain, and with British citizenship, had a verbal interchange with a member of the aristocratic class during a get-together hostessed by Queen Consort Camilla. Fulani runs a charity that helps African- and Caribbean-heritage women. The other party was no less than Lady Susan Hussey, godmother to Prince William, and Lady Of The Household to King Charles III. She’s 83. Now, we may never know what actual words, phrases and sentences were verbally transmitted between these two people, but the gist of it goes like this:

  • Susan: Where are you/ your people from?
  • Ngozi: Britain! How dare you!

Well, naturally, it probably didn’t proceed this way; but the gist, and context, is entirely sound. It is sound, as we have the very public reaction of Ms. Fulani herself. And the very predictable reaction of what passes for a free press.

Firstly, Fulani’s reaction: well, right from the get-go, Fulani was as aggressive as a Scientologist persuading you to take a free stress-test, with no strings at attached. She went straight into full-on critical-race-theory mode, popping-off ‘systemic racism’ here, and ‘white privilege’ there, like a seasoned pro. And don’t forget, this aggressive behavior apparently emanated from the simple inquiry, “Where does your family hail from originally?” The proper, factual, and polite answer, would have been, “Lady Susan, thank you so much for asking! My family’s heritage is African and the Caribbean. I was born here, though.” Secondly, the reaction from the press can be summed up quite nicely: Ngozi is a truthful and noble victim of color, whereas Susan is yet another evil, racist, native-indigenous ‘white person’. Gregory Hood has a lively rendition of the entire event, along with the social media reaction-circus.

So, what’s TheGame? This game, over the forty years mentioned above, has demoted the once-homogenous native-indigenous population into a progressively second-class, and increasingly minority, status. A prime-mover for this game over the intervening decades has been the introduction by government of laws (hate- and speech-crimes) that both stigmatize and criminalize words that the native-indigenous say, and the thoughts and opinions they might hold, whilst ignoring for the most part the words, thoughts and opinions of everyone else. These laws have also seen ‘positive discrimination’ against the native-indigenous in terms of criminal sentencing, college admission and employment. The biggest aspect of TheGame however is more insidious: it seems that every foreign-ethnic person in the UK knows that there is a game being played, and that they are almost universally protected in various ways: by the police, by the press, by the politicians. This last, insidious aspect of TheGame includes the hidden Orwellian premise: everyone, including the police, press and politicians, must pretend that no such game exists, or has ever existed. Even though so many appear to know it does, and play it rather well.

Hence the question: is Fulani actually the evil, racist foreign-ethnic bigot in this affair? Was she prepared for this event by being ready to take umbrage at virtually anything any white person would say? Did she know that the police, press and politicians would take her side? Did she know that there would virtually no blowback against her even if she were subsequently found to be the bigoted party? And does she know that whatever truth comes out, she can still proclaim herself a hero, as well as a traumatized victim?

In other words, does she know how to play TheGame?

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