Daily Fascist: Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh

The Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy is exploding heads all over Ottawa, as our dear politicians’ OneOpinion, OneSpeak universe is collapsing all around them. Their (current) solution is to deny reality, and to double-down on what has become some really offensive thoughts and language. The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh, is just the latest fascist to let loose his bigotry.

We can never know what’s in someone else’s heart: is Singh just an out-and-out racist; is he a Sikh-supremacist; is he just assuming he can garner political capital with what he thinks is populist anti-European hate; perhaps all of the above? Whichever it is, he should know it is disgusting, vile and dangerous to label ordinary Canadian citizens this way, because they have different opinions (and perhaps values) than he himself does. He, and others, know the immense harm that comes from labelling ordinary people with the vilest of epithets; he knows this, but does it anyway?

And, today Conservative MPs have endorsed a convoy led by those that claim the superiority of the white bloodline and equate Islam to a disease.

Jagmeet Singh, Twitter
Jagmeet Singh, Twitter, ‘apologizing’

Sure, it’s an old political trick: single out one or a few of an immense movement (à la Alinsky), and then attack it, assuming the presumption that the other 99.99% are just like that. But why do this particular political trick, that, in its sweeping way, equates ordinary Canadians with vermin? Again, not a good look, a terribly inhuman thing to do, and it can lead to dangerous consequences. This fascist should be nowhere near any of Canada’s institutions.

Here’s a good rebuttal for this lowlife from P.M.


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