Another Free Islamic “Radical”

In the UK, an un-free society, you are really restricted in having a negative opinion about things like religious observance. And you are really restricted in expressing a negative opinion on religion. And you are really, really restricted in expressing hatred toward a religion.

Abu Qatadar (AQ) really, really despises the West. He really, really despises Western “freedom”. And he really, really, really hates any religion that is not Islam. And he expresses this hatred all the time. As he seems to have difficulty finding a job in the UK you could say hating non-Islamic religions is his full-time job.

My questions for this un-free society are fairly obvious. Why is AQ not behind bars based on his apparent religious hatred. Secondly, how can the BBC, biased to the left as they are, make AQ’s deportation into a “Very Difficult Question”. The decline of a once-free nation is not a terribly nice thing to watch in real time. This is one of those times.

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