Another Swedish Waterloo: Child Brides Now Legal

O, Sweden! Home of ABBA and Avicii; Pippi Longstocking and Ingrid Bergman; IKEA and H&M; meatballs and picked herring; child marriage and unrestrained rape. There was a time (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..,) when people coming into Europe had to adopt its social customs, culture and laws – had to. Not so much now in New New Sweden. Supposedly these child brides were married in one hellhole or another and have now had their illegal, criminal marriages solemnized by the state¹. How long until a Muslim man living in Sweden can marry a girl in Sweden of whatever age they choose? Days, hours, minutes…? Maybe it’s already happened? ABBA’s Waterloo might still be a upbeat song, but Sweden lost its Waterloo a long time ago.

¹ NDL News; ‘Sweden: Marriage of 132 child refugees given approval


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