New New Britain: Now With Three Times More Sharia Compliance!

It’s literally never-ending. At times you’d think that these European nations have had to twist themselves into pretzels in the futile attempt at incorporating sharia law into a liberal socialist democracy. At this point it seems they are just setting fire to the pretzels. Here are three examples.

1. Here’s David Wood on the recent Home Office decision to allow top Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders to seek asylum into New New Britain.

2. Over at Breitbart, we see the BBC (with possible staging) use some random white guy as an obvious ‘racist‘ foil against the preposterous concept that saying, “There is no sharia law here,” in a public place is a crime. Breitbart, Raheem Kassam; ‘BBC Says Opposing Shariah Law Is ‘Islamophobic’’. Beware in the video that there is supercilious, supremacist screeching.

3. And then this 2013 contrast where Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were banned from New New Britain because – blogging. Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer; ‘Britain capitulates to jihad. Again, compare this to allowing MB leaders into the country, and then read the Home Office memo describing unacceptable actions: “foment or justify terrorist violence…” Consider that the Muslim Brotherhood leadership are themselves banned in Egypt for terrorism. Enough said.

Crimes against its own people for speaking out against sharia; barring foreigners who speak out against sharia; allowing asylum to those advocating sharia (and jihad). Is there a tendency, do you think? OK – enough with the rhetorical sarcasm, already. Oy.


One thought on “New New Britain: Now With Three Times More Sharia Compliance!

  1. I can see that you hate evidence, so here’s some for you:

    Click to access CIG_-_Egypt_-_Muslim_Brotherhood_-_v2.pdf

    From your ‘article’ you appear to be a far-right apologist, and I’m going to make a bet that you are American. Whatever, your hatred of civilised values is very much visible in your piece. You need to understand that if you only take your ‘facts’ from far-right propaganda operations, you will ALWAYS be wrong.


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