Britain’s Relentless War On Its Own Aboriginal People

tft-5-p-24-a-600x400You may have heard about the case of Stephen Bennet¹ who has been ordered to work for free in today’s version of slavery; his crime: typing comments to an online site. You may have heard of a new crime in Nottinghamshire² (of Sherwood Forest fame): wolf-whistling to a woman in the street. You may have read about a new crime task force being set up in London³; the crime: online ‘hate crime’ (typing comments to an online site).

There is a relentless path to closing down all unwelcome opinions in Europe today, backed up by the courts, the media and academia. What me may call European aboriginals, European First Nations, or Native Europeans, they are the (only) targets of the closing-down of speech. Why? Well, you can’t fundamentally change the demographics inside Europe with immigrants who despise Europe’s aboriginal culture, then expect the European First Nations people not to notice and comment now can you? This is just the preferred current method of making sure the Native Europeans can’t or won’t make any unwelcome comments.

¹ Breitbart
² The Guardian

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