1,400 First Rapes


One Of Countless Victims Of Muslim Pedophile Rape Gangs

There were around 3,000 to 4,000 Muslim men in Rotherham capable of raping young non-Muslim girls between 1997 and 2014. Each year this small group of “men”, in collective terms, were able to rape, enslave and traffic at least 100 young non-Muslim girls. Three thousand Muslim men, one hundred young non-Muslim girls. 3,000; 100. This is a civilizational assault.

I believe that the people of England know what Surat An-Nisa’ [4:24] القرآن الكريم, ‘The Women’, means when it talks about having sex with your female slaves. The Muslim men that committed this inhumanity know this verse and understand what it means and are perfectly happy to obey this command. Muslims know this. Non-Muslims know this. And yet the civil institutions of England pretend that this verse and dozens of others don’t exist and therefore they cannot possibly know this.

1,400 first rapes. In one town. Did they miss some in this town? Do you think other towns may have a similar “community” issue? Do you think that there are other trained senior management in other institutions that are happy to ignore the Islamic content of these crimes? Do you think that these self-same institutions will avoid any form of correction of their culture, processes, methods and staff themselves? Yes. Of course.

Here’s a report from the BBC who themselves are part of the civil institutions that happily covered for these “Asian” men and continue to do so today. The people’s watchdog indeed.


4 thoughts on “1,400 First Rapes

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