Out Cold

Real Science

“Hide the Decline” Baby!

For us people (we people?) living in the great North America it’s been a cold summer. Very cold. And the folks working the Historical Climate Network data (HCN) have yet another graph. Once again though the linear trendline on the data is sinking toward the bottom of any printed page on which it appears. And that’s not the correct direction. (h/t Real Science).

In my part of the world we use ºC and the psychological 30ºC threshold has been crossed once, maybe twice, whereas normally we’d expect as many as twenty such days within summer’s 90. As a people I suppose we used to yarn about this winter and that summer and how it was this and wasn’t that. Belaying the evidence of our own yarn-creators (our minds) data, scientific opinion and media cajoling attempt to ruin our stories of dry winters and cold summers and rainy springs.

It’s a hard thing to say considering the importance of science and technology in our modern world, but maybe we need to yarn a little more and ignore what experts and analysts and others want us to believe. Maybe we just need to look out of the window a little more often, listen to each other and just leave it there. Then perhaps, in the fullness of time of course, our sense of fascination with the weather will combine with our apathy with regard to any larger meaning and this perhaps will translate into global climate control treaties being totally and utterly boring. That would be cool.

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