Cuba Wins The Green New Deal Sweepstakes!

Brainwashed (willing) climate-puppet Greta Thunberg

In case you haven’t had your ‘thinking checked’ by our new, caring society, you may have noticed that every climate change plan ends up looking exactly like socialism.

After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it.

Greta Thunberg

So — it’s not just about the weather, then? Of course not. How would such a mundane aspect of our lives have become a discussion over the life and death of our entire civilization, the entire earth, unless ‘the weather‘ has been weaponized by some really smart and inventive people, with lots of power and influence; and who want more.

The New American

Don’t get me wrong — whatever bunch of lizard-people elites, no doubt in some secretive Bilderbergesque brain-storming session, in some secretive underground lair, designed by Austin Powers, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, that came up with the (dead-named) ‘global warming’, deserve some sort of recognition! Perhaps, alas, they are all just too shy to take credit for their wonderfully-effective massive social-engineering experiments.

Yeah. Clouds. Wind. Not cool, dude. I mean, this is just evil, man. I hate them. Let’s burn down the entire system and be socialist.


And again — A+ for inventiveness — it’s brilliant how the weather is not only tied to the … ‘the weather‘: sun, clouds, rain, drizzle, cold, heat, wind — well, you get the drift — it is also magically tied to racism, colonialism and the patriarchy. In case you missed it, these are all code-words for us evil Western people that created the evil, modern, fossil-fueled hell that is Western civilization (aka ‘the oppressors‘). Of course.

How could one not look up into a cloudy and windy sky and think, “Yeah. Clouds. Wind. Not cool, dude. I mean, this is just evil, man. I hate them. Let’s burn down the entire system and be socialist.” How could one not think, “Obviously the white-privileged patriarchy and Ford F-150s are responsible for this.” Of course. Unless you’re too stupid (or perhaps some evil Nazi) to be able to connect a cloudy, windy day with an earthly socialist utopian paradise.

Becasue we do in fact find out that socialist Cuba (‘an oppressed one‘) is the best example of a ‘sustainable‘ nation, which is quite obviously not evil like those Western states. They are the victims of racism, colonialism and ‘the patriarchy‘ (I’m still not sure what this is exactly meant to mean, but I’m pretty sure it’s meant to mean something really bad, which means the West did it.)

Morning Star

The revelations about Cuba being the country most similar to Heaven comes from the ‘Sustainable Development Index’. Thankfully the fine folks over there at SDI have provided a map showing us who the oppressed nations are, and who the evil oppressor nations are, which magically coincides with countries that takes ‘the weather‘ super-seriously.

Sustainable Development Index

You’ll notice that the Anglosphere mostly gets colored red (the color of evil), whereas the Central- and South-American nations get colored a pastoral, paradisiacal green. Notice also that coal-plant-crazy, social-credit-crazy communist China gets a subdued yellow, while caste-system-loving India also gets a tranquil green. Even Algeria (yes, that Algeria) comes in at #6!

The Federalist

Is Greta Thunberg really brainwashed? Is this a return to the pagan? Or is it kind of fun for a forever-sixteen teenager to travel the world spouting woke opinions to woke people about woke subjects, and hearing nothing but obsequious agreements and encouragement? I don’t know, but I suppose the trips, the hotels, the meals, the applause, the acclaim, sure beat downtown Mälmo on a bleak afternoon after Friday prayers.

Or maybe it’s just that her mother might also be riding the non-stop express crazy-train also. Along with so, so many others…

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