Optics & @kaBOOM!

Hey comrades! D'ya think those goofs in America noticed out play on words!

Hey comrades! D’ya think those goofs in America noticed our clever play on words!

I guess that Barack’s admission that maybe golfing and high-fiving “golfing buddies” (I’m not so sure Barry has ‘friends’ ) minutes after a sombre speech about an American who had his head sliced off was “optically” myopic. Not to be outdone however by that slacker Barry, Michelle tweets out a connection between 911 and the onomatopoeia of planes flying into buildings. If my conspiracy-theory implant chip wasn’t acting up so much recently I’d say that perhaps when the US has been captured by NWO executives these “gaffes” will actually appear in American comedy books in 2030 with captions like the one here. It’s bizarre to say the least, but then Fundamental Transformation™ has many moving parts, doncha know?

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