Global Warming, Phase III – Forced Agreement

I’d rather learn how to deal with two degrees of warmth than lose all my freedom. [LL&TNPOS]

This is really what global warming comes to, except in a totalitarian way you do not even get this choice. The government might be able to handle +2ºC (if that’s even the number; maybe it’ll be -2ºC) of warmth, but insist on doing it in a way that excludes the free market, free individuals, their liberty, along with a massive taxation and regulatory environment. It might say ‘Canada’ and ‘United States’ on the maps, but the societies would be not easily recognizable.

PALMIERI PE INSULITAI say ‘might‘ as even the most powerful government in the world, the United States, had a really tough time building a website [see here]. However, we are to presume that by putting a third of the economy, along with the precise scientific control of world weather over hundreds of years, along with freedoms and liberties, under the care of  government, all will be well. I feel stupid even saying it.

What is really paining government, especially the United State’s government, is people’s incredibly common sense approach to two degrees: perhaps open a window, wear layers, keep the curtains closed for half an hour, buy a $15 fan from Wal-Mart? Governments have also tried the climate of fear tactic, but even the most biased observer has to admit that saying two degrees, “Will be always bad, all the time, for everything, everywhere…” is wearing really thin as effective propaganda tool.

We won’t voluntarily give up our liberty. We won’t be scared into submission. So now it is time to try the authoritarian tactic [see here], using whatever instrumentalities of government can force individuals and private corporations to agree that (even supra-national) government should take massive control over the economy, the marketplace and personal liberty.

No thanks; I’d rather just buy a couple more sleeveless t-shirts…






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