Chebucto Effect: CBC Now Decides to Hide Muslim Sex Predator’s Name


The Canadian media are at the beginning of what could be a torturous path for free speech in Canada if nothing is done to deflect them. Europe now has a well-documented, decades-old legacy of societal authorities, like governments and the media, protecting Islam and censoring and criminalizing their own citizens [see here].

This story involves a grown Muslim migrant man sexually assaulting two girls and one woman (that we know about) in a hotel swimming pool. Widely available, as this alleged pervert was arrested, is his name: Wijdan Yasir. CBC decided however to ‘protect Islam‘, not Canadian children, by hiding the name [see here].

My opinion is that at this point in history it is difficult to say why our societal authorities, normally there as watchdogs, have now together decided to actively protect Islam, erode people’s freedoms with censorship and speech crimes, and aid in the destruction of Western culture. The ‘why‘ in this is scary at best; why would our society’s authorities do this to us? Whatever the reason or reasons, the fact is very clear: they are doing this to us.

Rebel Media have a video on this story [see here].


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