German Rape Sneakers

fde2a42ec7fc7faa3c16441f824de731From that zany no-walls-having country that brought us rape tattoos¹, Deutschland once again provides invaluable advice to its fairer sex. The federal police agency Bundeskriminalamt provides the following tips for its women precursory to an imminent migrant rape²:

  • Travel in twos or threes
  • Wear sneakers instead of high heels, so you can run away
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs
  • Drink only from bottles with an intact bottle cap
  • Look up from your mobile phone and actively observe the area
  • Only when absolutely necessary: strike the rapist’s genitals, joints, eyes, nose and ears

Don’t wear high heels in a potential rape situation; wear sneakers so you can run away. Sounds good.

¹ German Rape Tattoos
² Freie Zeiten; ‘Women Should Wear Sneakers So They Can Run Away From Asylum Seekers

2 thoughts on “German Rape Sneakers

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