Sweden’s Two-State Solution: The Sharia & Indigenous Zones

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How long can a society that holds two diametrically opposed viewpoints continue to coexist?

Sweden has always been regarded as ultra-progressive in its social-engineering as it attempts to create an earthly paradise of equalized absolutism. And for many decades this has certainly been the case. In recent times however, Sweden, in its ultra-progressive attempt to be a world superpower in kindness, has imported hundreds of thousands of people who absolutely don’t share any interest in Sweden’s ultra-progressivism – it’s just somewhere to live that has great welfare. These mostly Muslim immigrants come to Sweden with a pre-conceived model of society which they believe to be infinitely superior to anything that west can invent with their man-made laws. They have no interest in the boundless kindness of the Swedes.

So what to do? Well, there have been rumours over the last couple of years with various politicians and intellectuals talking about creating actual parallel societies, physically- and geographically-segregated such as the Gaza Strip in Israel. There would be autonomous Islamic rule and self-governance for these segregated Muslim areas (again like Gaza), and then there would be the rest of the country. Sweden could have two or more of these Islamic zones, potentially corresponding to actual no-go zones currently existing all across the country.

The point is this schizophrenia can’t last much longer without Sweden descending into all-out civil strife. They cannot continue to call themselves a sovereign nation state and continue espouse and court two completely diametrically opposed views of society. It is acknowledged that there are many places where women can no longer jog in safety¹ (with no reason why, of course), while at the same time transgenderism is being taught to very young children² (with lots of reasons why, of course) – how can this madness coexist? Muslims have no interest whatsoever in the infidel’s radical transgenderism (a rational viewpoint), and indigenous Swedes presumably have no interest in having their radically-equal women being constantly raped.

So, in Sweden’s radical social experiment (and those not too far behind), is there a need to create ‘Sharia‘ zones and inside a remaining ‘Indigenous‘ zone?  Is this at least one temporary way to keep things ticking, just for a while? This two-state solution certainly isn’t ideal, but much less ideal to the cultural-utopian is not being able to forcefully deliver its progressive message to at least some Swedes. And who knows, in ten years, jihadis in the Malmö Sharia Zone might be digging tunnels and aiming missiles into Sweden proper – just like Gaza.

¹ Breitbart, Chris Tomlinson; ‘Armed Police to Escort Joggers in Swedish City for Protection’

² Breitbart, Chris Tomlinson; ‘New Swedish Children’s Book Promotes Transgenderism to Preschoolers, Features Trans Species Horse-Dog’





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