Swedish Rape Bracelets


“My bracelet says, ‘Go Away, Naughty Person!'”

Presumably as a result of the massive success of Finnish rape mittens [see here], the Swedes have presumably gone one better with their rape bracelets. Robert Spencer [see here] links to the Google Translate article, which itself links to a police report about that bodacious cliché, ‘raising awareness‘. Both in the article and the linked report there is of course an avid avoidance of the religion and culture that dare not speak their names. It’s just assumed that the near-zero rape environment in Scandinavia from 20 years ago has just sky-rocketed to Middle-Eastern proportions for…no apparent reason.

This new normal,  explain-engineered away by the Globe And Mail [see here] as white racism (Yes! Nailed it!), the refutation by “experts” and the denial of people’s own sense of reality, will no doubt lead to calls for the bracelets to eventually be made from environmentally-sensitive material. Maybe they could make them from blond hair?

***UPDATE. It seems Sweden’s most recent big outdoor event has proven too much for Swedish rape bracelets [see here]. Mittens, bracelets, these governments have tried everything. Perhaps the men of Sweden might want to consider finally reattaching their testicles and confronting the speech crime codes that currently infect all of Europe, along with, I don’t know, protecting their women?


4 thoughts on “Swedish Rape Bracelets

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