Freedom, Baby! Yeah!

What was once a clichéd phrase, inspired by the comedy stylings of Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, freedom in itself has been a motiving factor for the island people for all its long history. However in the June 23rd election it was never clear that freedom really meant anything any more [see here]. It was perhaps just another bygone anachronism from the ‘before times‘ like video stores, photo finishing and men and women. Now that the first step has been taken by small-town England to revisit its historical freedoms (London, Scotland and Northern Ireland all voted heavily for ‘Remain‘) they really could be at the beginning of another great adventure. Time, as another cliché states, will tell.

So as the European continent continues to socially-engineer itself into cultural and economic suicide through unaccountable bureaucrats, the English should take solace, pride and courage in being the first major nation to de-globalize. Here’s ex-London mayor Boris Johnston urging the English to free themselves one last time on June 21st, two days before the referendum was held.


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