angloThere’s been a hypothesis brewing in the halls of LL&TNPOS, and it goes something like this:

Within the global elitist community there is a concerted effort to despise and deride anything that is derived from the English; whether religion, customs, culture or the law; throughout the Anglosphere and the rest of the world.

The English have had such a broad, profound and net positive effect on the world in the last 400 years this seems all-embracing, but the hatred, racism and bigotry that is currently percolating throughout our culture does in fact seem to fit a pattern of defined specificity. Let’s take for now but one recent example.

At the Bank Street School for Children in Manhattan, a fairly posh school, children are literally segregated [see here] into ‘Europeans‘ and that racist and most bigoted of all catch-all phrases, ‘Kids of Colour‘. Once so-segregated the kids of colour (KOC) are taught how oppressed they are and how to overcome institutional racism; the Europeans are taught how awful they are and how to constantly apologize. Sounds great, right?

However interesting this might be for the sheer YHGTBFKM! aspect, it seems that not all Europeans are created equal in this socially-engineered children’s farm. As North America was mainly developed by the northern Europeans, the British Isles most especially, South America was mainly developed by the Spanish and Portuguese.

However it seems that Americans, north or south, of Spanish and Portuguese European descent, get to hang out in the KOC safe space. Americans, focused here on the north, of especially northern European descent, are exiled to Inferno – Circle 1: Limbo. Is this because it must be only the ‘Anglos‘ that can be despised and derided? Is it not really about European colonialism, but Anglo-only European colonialism? And then is this really about moving the world on the from the Anglosphere (400 years and counting) and into the next big (obviously much more totalitarian) thing?

When we have a current cultural environment that demands we remove all trace of English influence we lose a lot:

  • the concept of individual rule & liberty
  • common law; Magna Carta; limited government
  • Christianity and its moral precepts
  • the history of the British colonies in North America
  • the Declaration of Independence
  • the historical development of the U.S. Constitution
  • the cultural development that brought America to its current position

We lose a lot. But so many things we see in this so-called culture today attempts to chip away at these English concepts and precepts; from Barry (“Who Am I?”) Soetero returning the bust of Sir Winston Churchill, to the demonization of Christians who bake wedding cakes.

As with the Banks Street School, why have people of Mexican heritage been added into the socialist human classification: “people of colour“, instead of being grouped with their fellow European descendants? Perhaps through this hypothesis, we start to have an inkling into this attempt to destroy the British-American heritage, whereas the Spanish-American heritage is (currently) protected.

It’s a wavering hypothesis at this point; still, it seems to fit a lot of what we see, and explains to some extent why the incredibly vicious Spanish and Portuguese histories in the Americas don’t count, but the milder one of the British does. Britain itself is in fact a lost culture, and therefore the efforts of our hateful elitists can be argued to have been quite successful in that part of the Anglosphere. Leaving aside the more socialist Canadians and Australians, that really only leaves the United States as the one left to topple.




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