The Totalitarian Gods Of Today

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In times past mankind has worshipped numerous gods. At some points we’ve even worshipped numerous gods at the same time, including our friends in the current Hindu community. Even in western civilization, our forebears, such as the Romans and Greeks, worshipped numerous concurrent deities. Regardless of this, we still consider ours to be a proud history, gods and all.

Today we don’t have Zeus, Poseidon or Cronos (or even a pre-cursor Gaia); who do we have; the Big Three?

  • Allah/Muhammad – totalitarian cultist god
  • New Gaia – totalitarian earth/green god
  • Big Brother – totalitarian big government god

Although some or even many might say that Allah is a most kind, most merciful god, sometimes we just need to open our eyes and ears and minds to facts, evidence and common sense. Although some or even many might say that Gaia is a loving god for the entire earth, we only need to look at the eco-fascism that curtails some of our most basic human endeavours today. Although some or even many may say that Big Brother is a kindly, beneficent and benign overseer, we are all too familiar with over-reaching and over-bearing bureaucracy.

What seems to link these gods of today is totalitarianism. With these deities, there is only one correct opinion about everything. All other opinions will be defeated, ‘…so oder so… [German]‘. Europeans especially are all too familiar with having a differing opinion on Islam and its god Allah; a differing opinion on Islam’s words and ideas can now easily land you in jail. With Gaia we need only suggest that global warming is not a man-made phenomenon, or that a couple of degrees of warming is not an excuse to destroy human industry, and we can expect very personalized reprisals. And Big Brother, well he keeps on getting bigger.

Allah, Gaia, Big Brother, these are not our only gods today; they are just perhaps the Big Three. We also have totalitarian gods that cover gender, skin tone, physical ability; the list is endless. Have a different opinion on transgender bathrooms, gay wedding cakes or teaching five-year-olds about gender fluidity; a different opinion on black crime rates, family cohesion or white privilege; a different opinion on accommodating every mental and physical impairment – well don’t. Because you could well be vilified. You could lose your livelihood. You could be physically attacked. In some countries now you could certainly go to jail. In our pantheism of the past, even within Christian and Judaic monotheism at times, this is called blasphemy. In many European states now, blasphemy (criticizing against today’s gods) means jail. In some countries around the world blasphemy, in all its forms, means death.

The biggest thing to consider today is the commandment, whether from the Big Three, or any of today’s totalitarian gods for that matter:

Death to those that criticize thy gods in any way, or utter a heresy of thine own!

Perhaps not death, well not always, well not right now perhaps, not in the west maybe, but still, the threat is there, isn’t it Paris? If he were alive what would Milton Friedman say about not having the ability to choose? I’m hoping he would say it basically sucks.

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