English Rape Safety-Pins

mifH5umIn a breathtaking example of copycat empathy-signalling, the English have decided to celebrate the utter non-integraton of immigrants into England’s bland, unpleasant land. Amidst reports that the reporting of ‘hate crimes‘ have risen since Brexit, actual real ‘hate crimes‘ (however they are defined on a wet, Thursday night in England) have not changed a jot [see here].

Be that never so real, alien allies in England are attempting to go one better on Swedish rape bracelets [see here] and Finnish rape mittens [see here] – English rape pins! The theory is that if you were one of these safety pins then it will show a potential jihadi rapist that you are virtuous and totally down with the cause [see here]. That is until you get raped. And then get jabbed with your own safety pin just for fun.

The obvious must be burning in the hearts of many third-wave, anti-culturist feminists – just get a gun. If they try and rape you – shoot them. Oy.


4 thoughts on “English Rape Safety-Pins

  1. Right then:

    (1) Does this apply to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Like most ill educated Americans you are showing your ignorance.

    (2) ‘Rape Safety-Pins’ is a blatant lie. Safety-pins are worn for a completely different reason.

    (3) How’s life in sick America where stupid people call for MORE GUNS, in spite of the fact that America has a mass shooting a day, and more than four times the homicide rate of Europe.


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