England Diminishes Real Crime to Encourage Muslim Pedophile Rapists

Sarah Wilson - Raped by a Muslim Pedophile Rape Gang Family

Sarah Wilson – Raped by a Muslim Pedophile Rape Gang Family

Under the centuries-old common law system in England it was once easy to recognize a crime: murder, assault, rape, theft – easy. However as England has more and more adjusted herself to socialistic panderings, what were once recognizable as real crimes sometimes have to take second-place to “social crimes”. As we all should know the greatest crime in a tyrannical state is not to believe or espouse the state’s own tenets, which dovetail nicely with social crimes.

Sure, we have common murder, but comrades, even one person that preaches against the party line is a cancer that could infect thousands! We must irradiate him! We must eradicate them all, even if they be thousands themselves!

A political party line in England, though not particular to England, is that the Total-Life-System™ called Islam is peaceful and benign. And if you are like England, and have adopted ‘Islam‘ into one of its socialistic panderings, all manner of Accommodations™  will ensue. And these adaptations and accommodations will result in the reduction of crime. Why? Well, real crime (murder, assault, rape, theft) becomes secondary to social crimes [see here]. So if you are gang-raped and enslaved by a Muslim pedophile gang-family we are going to pay less attention to you because the police are currently investing their time into who threw the banana [see here].

Do we see that crime, real crime, has to take a temporary back-seat so that invented social crime can make its mark? As noted above we see that crimes against the rape, torture and enslavement of young girls and the so-called social crimes against self-expression and free speech are actually inclined toward the latter when it comes to actual prosecution. The Rotherham case makes this abundantly clear and really only opens up our minds to how much real crime is being protected through the fog of social crime.

My advice to the criminally-minded in England: If you are going to gang-rape and then enslave a 12-year old girl based on your Islamic texts, just make sure that you don’t make a monkey arm-gesture at a football match. That way, you’ll be just fine in the new, modern, progressive, multicultural Britain.

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