The “Academic-Political Method” Against Free Speech


Mark Levin

In a tyrannical society politicians will laud people with a certain academic background so as to expediently tyrannize the rest of society that do not have their background. These academics will be brazenly shown to have better morals, superior ethics and nobler motives than the rest of society. Therefore, whatever these academics preach will be used for whatever political end is required or desired.

In a free society, individuals of whatever intellectual background will feel free to question, refute, dismiss or (the ultimate crime) be apathetic to the words of these chosen academics. A free society will require these academics to answer to the people, along with the politicians that support them. In a tyrannical society there will be scorn, ridicule and perhaps social or criminal injustice inflicted on those who do not agree to the opinions of the chosen academics or their political allies.

As a free people, when we hear opinion being shut down simply because of an academic argument, be wary. It’s not about your intellectual prowess; don’t let them fool you. It’s about your opinions, personal decisions and individual liberties being demoted and negated, as they would naturally be in a ‘soft tyranny‘ such as Levin likes to point out. The ‘academic-political method‘, a long, true and tested method of shutting down debate is coming to the free lands of North America. Whether it be global warming, ebola, or debt financing, your opinion as a free person, as a free individual, will be limited or even suppressed. It will be said that you do not have a right to speak about certain issues, perhaps most issues, perhaps all. The problem is that when it comes to speech and debate, each person’s liberty is unlimited. The problem is, we are free.

Here’s Mark Levin, even as a lawyer, embroiled against the ‘academic-political method‘ [see here] against obvious overreach by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We should all be wary when sites like Media Matters endorse a classist, snobbish, elitist and anti-liberty approach to matters which affect our society. And when this person or that person is dismissed from giving an opinion, we are all affected and it impacts on all of our liberties in the end.

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