Victorian Values – “They Day”

“We are not amused,” might have been a common utterance from Queen Victoria herself, but it’s now a phrase that is banned for gender-theory dissenters.

As far as the English-speaking world goes, Australia is up there when it comes to adopting and enforcing the new moral code of gender-theory acceptance. In particular the state of Victoria is leading the way, with one of their initiatives being “They Day” which allows all of the government’s employees to experience the joy of pretending that women aren’t women and men aren’t men.

In the government-produced video below, actual employees (imagine having these folks as co-workers, or even your boss!) tell us about their fantasies and delusions, and even have special little Post-It notes to stick on their clothes telling other folks what they wish their pronouns could be. Notice that in order to read the badly-sized stickers you’d have to get right up into their personal space, which opens up a whole new bag of problems! By the way, up-votes, down-votes and comments are all disabled. Yah democracy!


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