[VIDEO] How To Spot An Islamic No-Go Zone – Lauren Southern


Can we finally admit that a no-go zone is real if you literally cannot ‘go’ there?

What happened to Lauren Southern in the video below is the natural (or intended?) outcome of mass, uncontrolled immigration from Muslim-majority countries. By Western nations then placing Muslims into the most protected class of person, a Muslim can effectively do no wrong in relation to a non-Muslim. Which is exactly how it works in Muslim-majority countries. As well, by then making Islam a protected class of thought (as Canada inferred for example with its ‘M-103’ Islamophoia motion), authorities have in fact rendered that free speech, when push comes to shove, can only really apply to Islam’s texts. All else is thus, by elimination, hate-speech, which is a stand-alone crime in some counties such as the United Kingdom. By then directly or indirectly applying these codes into policing, the police effectively have no other choice but to punish the person that offends Muslims or Islam. Thus it is the fault of the non-Muslim, a punishable crime, if the Muslim is offended enough to perpetrate an actual crime against the non-Muslim. This is exemplified succinctly in the video.

If this was the intended outcome, and not unintended, to create notorious no-go zones and parallel societies throughout the West (Mälmo, Molenbeek, Chapelle-Pajol, Lakemba), then you would have to say, ‘Mission Accomplished’! And notice that no-go zones can have differing characteristics, a fact that no-go-zone deniers often use to defy the reality of our senses. The one that Lauren Southern wanted to walk through, for example, looks like any run-down, seedy, Middle-Eastern market area. But it is locally policed by its residents to the point where the police can hound you to the point of arrest. There may be no grenades exploding or honour-murders happening right in front you – but it’s still a zone where you cannot freely go. A real, modern-day, Islamic no-go zone, with its own local police protection.

One thought on “[VIDEO] How To Spot An Islamic No-Go Zone – Lauren Southern

  1. What happened still around safe well talk from newzealand u best thing happen in world take care,norman Macritchie


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