Sweden’s Man-Free Concerts


What man wouldn’t want to attend?

Is there a point at which ‘progress’ is entirely regressive?

Sweden over the last thirty years or so has invited so much progressivism, and so much cultural enrichment, it seems to be entering a new societal phase. Future sociologists may even be forced to invent a specific phrase to describe it. Although ‘post-civility‘ and ‘pre-anarchy‘ could suffice, there might be an easier phrase to encapsulate and describe this moment in history: a ‘Hell on Earth‘.

Naturally, like any successful, evil salesman, it will be necessary for current politicians not to use the word ‘hell’ too much; that would be counter-productive to ‘progress’. Instead, it would be much more prudent to point out an aspect of the living hell that Sweden has become, and make it sound positive and enriching. Which brings us to the man-free concerts.

Ah yes! Progress! It seems like only yesterday that Björn Borg was beating John McEnroe at Wimbledon, ABBA was singing ‘Dancing Queen’, women were walking the streets of Gothenburg without a care, and buying IKEA still seemed like a good idea. But that male, pale and stale society is so over! The future is now, and it’s most definitely here.

It seems that the indiscriminate, industrial-scale raping of Sweden’s women, mostly by Muslim immigrants and nationals, was just a little too progressive for its politicians. So, in an attempt to dial-back that wonderful enrichment, women now have to be segregated from the men in society in order to attend a public event. And, as with those evil salesmen, you’re not allowed to point anything out, notice anything or come to any impolite conclusions. Even comedians in Sweden must be culturally-sensitive.

What do you think about us creating an awesome festival where only non-men are welcome until ALL men learn how to behave? [Emma Knyckare, Statement Festival]

And that’s where we’ll leave this edition of As The Sweden Burns, and consider the great cultural loss that men will not be able to see the classical, musical stylings of the the Yung Titties.

Statement Festival Official Site: https://www.statementfestival.se/en/
Breitbart: https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/09/01/world-first-man-free-music-festival-kicks-off-in-sweden/

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