FGM: Abusive Parents Go Free In Detroit

Britain’s Duplicitous Campaign: Not A Single Prosecution

Real female abuse, real female oppression.

This is the first known case of bringing a federal prosecution concerning female genital mutilation (FGM) in the United States. Three people stand accused: one doctor for performing the mutilation, and one doctor and his wife for allowing the use of their clinic. It seems there could be dozens of physically-abused girls involved.

As bad as that is, that is not the worst part; this is the worst part.

The case involves two Minnesota girls whose mothers brought them to Michigan in February for what the girls thought was a special girls weekend. Instead, prosecutors allege, they ended up at the Livonia clinic on Feb. 3, where they underwent genital mutilation procedures…The parents have not been charged. One of the girls in Minnesota was temporarily removed from her home but is now back with her parents. [Detroit Free Press]¹

The parents are not charged with child abuse? The children have not been removed from these abusive parents? In what world does this happen with physical child abuse? Well, the Islamic world of course. It’s Islamic custom, Islamic religion – and our politicians have allowed this vastly inferior culture, mired as it is in its Islamic texts, to not assimilate or even integrate within the superior Western culture.

There are laws on the books in the West about the physical child abuse that is FGM, but they have been so ineffectively written, and have been so ineffectually used in practice (by doctors, teachers, and the like), that it is virtually impossible to bring anyone to justice, let alone the abusive Muslim parents.

If a doctor finds a bruise on your daughter that is suspicious, they are legally bound to inform the police and child protection services. So, how is a missing or mutilated clitoris not highly suspicious? It’s the same in England². It’s the same in Wales³. It’s probably the same everywhere where there are politicians willing to sell out our culture of freedom for women, to one of female abuse and repression: real female abuse, real oppression.

Diversity is our strength, not a weakness. We must not only be tolerant but also accepting. We need to ensure that everyone understands and respects their neighbours. Because it’s 2017. *

¹ Detroit Free Press, Tresa Baldas and Robert Allen; 2nd doctor, wife arraigned in genital mutilation case at Livonia clinic
² Why Does England Ignore Clitoral Mutilation? 
³ BBC; FGM: 123 victims treated in Wales last year, figures show
* Famous incoherent ramblings of Professor Sock-Puppet Trudeau

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