Wuhan Virus: Clap For Our Carers


We are so readily adopting the mores and customs of totalitarianism.

What are the stereotypical aspects of a totalitarian government that we in the civilized world make fun of — or at least used to? There’s the zombie-like devotion to the state of course, along with the adoring personality-cult surrounding their current Dear Leader. There’s the zombie-like conformity of the masses, and the fascistic tactics of the police state. There’s empty shelves. Massed parades. Ubiquitous 24/7 monitoring by the state. Snitch lines. Sounds almost, I don’t know — familiar?

And then there’s the clapping. Clapping for state institutions — the NHS. Clapping for their current dear leader — Boris Johnson. And then just clapping, clapping, clapping.

And don’t forget, comrades, the next mandatory national Clap For Our Carers will be next Thursday at 8PM. And also don’t forget — your comrade neighbors will be watching you…

One thought on “Wuhan Virus: Clap For Our Carers

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