Canada’s Social Justice Hierarchy

When-will-First-Nations-leaders-ensure-that-Canada-is-accountable-for-First-Nations-money-“Held-In-Trust”Every Western nation has its unique social-justice hierarchy; but non-elite Caucasian males always dominate the lowest rung.

In his recent Washington Post article (Washington com-Post for some), J.J. McCullough describes how he sees Canada’s social justice hierarchy, and how this ties in with Canada’s continued commitment to multicultural theory, despite incredible disasters that have befallen Europe’s failing experiment. To be fair, McCuollough writes from a center-left viewpoint, so there are nuggets of actual news there. Here’s how his ranking goes.

1. The white elite. This should not be surprising for anyone from the Anglo-sphere. Whether it’s Britain or the United States, there remains in place a privileged, wealthy, connected few, that actually are related to their country through generations. Despite this, this group don’t actually ‘belong’ to any country, Anglo-sphere or otherwise. For them, life is an endless drudgery of flying, hotels, restaurants, trips, and, of course, the power that maintains this style of living. A five-star hotel in London looks and feels like a five-star hotel in New York, Toronto, Abu Dhabi. This elite includes the political class, but also those at the top of various institutions, including academia, the media and even leaders at mundane departments such as police services and education. As long as you believe (or pretend to) in multicultural theory and social justice theory, for this bi-lingual, bicultural set, you have arrived. A long time ago.

This group considers itself the most aware of Canadian history, law, economics and political institutions, and thus the natural holders of the country’s leadership positions, which they disproportionately occupy.

2. Monocultural French Canadians. Although the British defeated French forces at the battle of the Plains Of Abraham in 1759, henceforth ceding control over Canada, along with the as-yet un-rebellious colonies in America, they gave the Québécois numerous concessions and accommodations, including the right to retain French as a protected language, and Catholic churches and schools to be instituted. From this fact it might be regarded that the French, in English-dominated North America, became the first recognized protected victim-class, giving them a claim to primus inter pares when it comes to special accommodation.

Liberals erected much of Canada’s modern political architecture around the goal of French Canadian accommodation, including the aforementioned bilingual, bicultural ruling class.

3. Indigenous Peoples. For many in Canada today, based just on its left-leaning news, the indigenous peoples (aka First Nations, Indians, Native Americans, savages, etc.) should be on top of the social totem pole. With the so-called Truth & Reconciliation (otherwise known as, ‘Get Whitey’) process well underway, indigenous peoples have massive influence under what is called ‘consultations’, which in plain English means, “What’s in it for us?” and in Goodfellas English means, “Hey, we just want to wet our beaks!” That aside,  their obviously-growing influence in the victim-Olympics might see them take a shot at those haughty Québécois folks in the not-too-distant future.

Born from contemporary progressive consensus that the establishment of Canada on occupied land was the country’s defining crime, restorative justice for Canada’s more than 1.6 million indigenous residents has become a moral priority.

4. Immigrants of color. Although you can go to a country like Britain, and see that Canada’s social hierarchy winners (the white elite) are pretty-well matched to a similar British white elite, their ‘immigrants of color’ are most certainly not #4! There they are a solid two, and perhaps at this point in their social-engineering curve are sniffing for the top-dog position. So it is one of Canada’s anomalies in the protected-class sweepstakes, that these IOC have been relegated by the aboriginals (like in Australia), as well as a unique class of white, French Canadiens. Beyond this there is much to find that is similar. Insults or mocking language is socially-unacceptable, and in many European nations, a criminal offense. For example, it is now much easier to insult the Québécois today than it would have been just twenty years ago. And as we know from Voltaire, if you want to find out who are the folks in charge, just find out who you are not allowed to mock.

Immigrant communities are useful for Liberals to mobilize in the context of the Canadian electoral system, which relies on mass recruitment of party members to nominate candidates and features numerous minority-majority parliamentary districts.

5. Caucasians. Not mentioned, and not usually mentioned in any mainstream environment, is the fact that the bottom rung of every social-justice hierarchy throughout Europe and North America, is solidly occupied by European-heritage North Americans, and actual indigenous Europeans – in Europe! To even contemplate that native Europeans are now a class oppressed by the white elite is something that would have seemed unbelievable twenty years ago. And naturally the subclass to this group is occupied by the white, Christian, healthy, heterosexual, Northern-European-heritage male, the most evil creation of God’s own hands.

The fact – fact – that we now have structured societies in the formerly liberal democracies of the West is a deeply depressing concept. The fact that the likes of McCullough can so nonchalantly admit that we live in a socially-engineered, caste-like state gives an idea of just how ingrained this system has got into our collective psyche. And most of all the question arises: “Can this destructive process, the marginalization of caucasians, and the immigrant-fueled replacement of this population in North America and Europe, be stopped or even reversed?” Based on how easily it has been instituted, and how easily the general population has accepted the new status quo, it seems hard to discern where real, meaningful change to this situation will arise. Especially when there are many out there, from the white elites to the immigrants of color, who want this process to accelerate, not slow or stop.

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