Lauren Southern: Deported From Britain As A Political Dissident [Video]


Why not just have three lanes at British border control: nationals, non-nationals & conservatives?

Conservative activist Lauren Southern was detained yesterday, and then turned away at the UK Border Control¹. Her distinction in this latest case of free-speech banishment was to be deemed a terrorist; a badge of honour indeed in today’s falling, failing Britain.

Based on just the last few days alone it seems that the United Kingdom has a fairly standard, inadvertently transparent operating procedure when it comes to allowing entry into the country:

  1. Returning radical jihadi fighters: come on in.
  2. Radical foreign Islamic preachers: come on in.
  3. Conservatives that criticize jihad: keep them out.

Seems clear enough. As with Sellner and Pettibone², British border police deliberately keep people out who speak truths about Islam and jihad, thus keeping them far away from its captive citizens. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are also critics of jihad that have received banishment from Britain, because, to use the Orwellian language of the authorities, their presence in Britain would not be conducive to the “public good” or “community cohesion“. Ah, yes: cohesion. We wouldn’t want any radicalized person to separate away from the glorious, connected, harmonious whole that is the cohesive British society today, now would we?

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.51.51 PM

Google News: Southern – far-right, white-supremacist; or just conservative?

We also see why it is so important for British authorities to heavily monitor and censor the internet. Controlling the movement of the person is no longer enough to control their message; new times demand new regimes. And London’s Mayor Khan keeps prodding, all hate-crime must be erased, and he’ll help the social media giants determine how they must determine ‘hate‘. I’m pretty sure Southern, Sellner, Pettibone, Spencer and Geller are already on his list.

¹ Breitbart, Virginia Hale; Conservative Activist, Journalist Lauren Southern Detained at Calais, Banned From Entering UK
² Martin Sellner & Brittany Pettibone: Deported From Britain As Political Dissidents [Video]

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