Jason Wakefield-Jones & Golliwog Crime


At this point, no one will confirm or deny whether the doll is an accomplice to the crime.

As Britain enters into the Post-Absurdity phase of its passage through decline, we the few, who remain in countries that are still hanging on to civilization by the thinnest of threads, can enjoy the pessimistic frivolities from afar.

Here are the facts of the case¹.

Jason Wakefield-Jones is a 50 year-old male that lives in North Wales. Jason owns a doll – a golliwog. Jason placed this doll in the front window of his home in Prestatyn. On January 4th of this year, an unknown person walked past Jason’s window. This person saw the doll. This person called the police to report a crime. The police duly went to Jason’s home with the doll in the window and arrested him*. Jason was taken back to the police station and was charged with ‘intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress and that the offence was racially aggravated’**. Jason was a given a court appearance date. Jason appeared at the court in Llandudno. Jason denied the charge against him. He was freed on bail.  There will be a magistrate’s trail to determine his guilt and punishment next month.

And so, we the few, here in the still-free galleries of the Colosseum, look down upon poor James and his little doll as he enters the complicated, labyrinthine, Kafkaesque world of British justice, and await the next circus – ‘The Decision Of The Magistrates!’

I’m off for some bread…

* It is unclear whether the doll was also taken as evidence
** It’s a long one; this could be bad.
¹ BBC News; Prestatyn man denies race-hate in doll court case

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