The BBC & Women In Black [Body Bags]

Lady Thatcher: 'the prime minister who changed the world' - video obituary

If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.

We can only hope that the most oppressively misogynistic ideology currently existing in our world today – Islam – is forced (through its male imams & male adherents) to admit its misogyny; is forced to apologize to the scores of generations of Muslim women deprived of their basic human rights; is forced to change its view that men are superior to women in every single way and have a ‘right’ over them. That would mean of course rejecting the sacred, enduring, eternal words of Allah in their Islamic texts.

Whatever, dude. Hate speech is hate speech, right? Grow a pair, asshole. [LL&TNPOS]

The idea that a Muslim husband (and his familial male snitches) can force his wife to live inside a bag, is somehow liberating and progressive, has progressed beyond a sick joke. We can only hope that normal women (especially those unfortunate enough to actually live within a strict Islamic family system), see these despicable videos as the anti-human, anti-woman, and anti-freedom trash they actually are.

It’s not the tiny percentage of Muslim women that can mockingly take off their bodybags without the actual repercussion of assault or death by their male family members that we care about; it’s the vast majority of Muslim women that will actually have to deal with this.

It’s not s fucking joke.

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