The Rules Of Enrichment

Ferris Bueller once famously said that life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. I suppose today, every German, and every European, is living through the immortal words of Ferris Bueller. Life there is moving pretty fast, and even though they do stop to take a look around them once in a while – it’s so nicht gut. Frans Timmermans, a Dutch pension-seeker at some random European Union symposium of some kind, perhaps said it most clearly in 2015 when it comes to life’s change that is diversity*.

Oh, yes. Life will move and change. You will be diverse. Oh, you might hate it, and it’s sure to be a struggle, but this must and will happen. Of course this is pablum for open borders globalists that tie themselves to no particular nation, culture or heritage, just so long as their personal power and control inceases. And you can’t have power and control by building walls and having individuals running around believing themselves to be free, can we Frans?

It’s always the lay people that get hit the hardest by the dystopian It Can’t Happen Here reality of willful diversity, not the smug and sexy Visitors. It seems almost every aspect, however mundane, of everyday life, is changing. Women in Germany that once jogged alone in the daytime are now advised by police to stop it and jog in pairs¹ or packs (or preferably not leave the house), managers of German swimming pools now have to remind young girls that their bottoms are not for male-groping², and Germans mayors are telling their electorate that if they don’t want their daughters molested, disguise them or take a secret path to school³.

Yes, diversity is strength, strength through diversity – it’s all an Orwellian delight; and yes, it will be a struggle, often violent and rapacious. But you can’t make an omelette without changing every little thing in your life, like being raped fairly occasionally, seeing your culture criminalized or even assaulting little Hannah as she splashes around in the shallow end. Yes, life’s moving pretty fast in Deutschland; I wonder if there’ll be any time to smell the roses…


* By the way, any is there anything creepier than some seedy, geriatric ex-used-car salesman prattling on about the ultimate destiny of ‘humanity’ or ‘the planet’? Good grief.

¹ InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson; Germany: Police Tell Women Not To Run Alone After Migrant Rapes Jogger In Park
² Telegraph; Germany hands out swimming pool etiquette guides after sexual harassment reports against migrants
³ Daily Mail, Corey Charlton; Fury in German town after mayor tells families to keep their children away from migrants to avoid ‘provoking them’ when they wear fewer clothes in the summer

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