State Parental Dysphoria & The Rowe’s


Sally & Nigel Rowe. True evil.

It’s coming to North America, but we can always look to our cousins in England for what hell will eventually look like, eventually currently meaning approximately five years: the state’s unease with parental rights and responsibilities. The change is now so rapid that even regulations meant to punish parents who do not want to celebrate diversity’s cornucopia are struggling to keep up.

This post* highlights one couple’s desperate and presumably futile struggle against the massed resources of the state when it comes to indoctrinating children about transgender issues. There are some main points that I glean from this article that certainly bodes well for complete child-indoctrination in Britain.

  1. Departmentalization: The media (and politicians) continue their departmentalization of social issues into two streams: one distinct stream for indigenous and culturally British, including its Christian heritage, and another distinct stream for those in the ‘multicultural‘ and especially Muslim class. So, for example, we would rarely, if ever, see a Muslim family being scrutinized this way. No – these streams must be, and are, kept distinct, for obvious reasons. The truth is that one set of rules, political or journalistic, can now no longer deal with these two streams – groups with such diametrically different views of society.
  2. Christian Values: The arguments of these parents seem rational, well-meaning and honest. One poignant point they made was being distressed at their six-year-old son coming home from school (six!) and being confused about being a boy, as one boy is allowed to come into class and pretend to be a girl. How would this not distress any parent? The parents also make the point that they only feel compassion for, not hatred toward, these confused children; in other words, Christian values. This aspect is, and has to be, downplayed. Again, with departmentalization, is the need to singularly silence only the tenets of the Christian faith.
  3. Silent Majority: Like many issues now plaguing parents in Britain, and people there generally, is the power of the state to control so many aspects of their lives, including, as the post below highlights, your opinion. There is the distinct possibility that parents, whether they home-school or not, will be forced to either allow the indoctrination of their children, or will have their children removed. Rules concerning the opinion of foster parents are already well underway, for example. This creates a fear in society for anyone to say anything that isn’t in line with political orthodoxy. Parents would rather hang on to a mentally-messed up Johnny wanting to wear a dress that to lose Johnny all together. But, as Nigel Rowe perhaps unwisely has stated, their view is popular, if not prevalent, amongst other parents. The state might be busier than it expected.
  4. Standard Elitist Mantras: Live any good Soviet show-trail confession, the school explains that they are following the rules in the Equality Act, whereby they teach six-year-olds gender-inappropriate pronouns, that boys pretending to be girls are real girls, and that any new names chosen by the confused child must be used. The diocese for the Church of England where these parents reside stated, as if from a script, “Our schools are inclusive spaces where pupils learn to respect diversity. We comply with the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and believe all should feel welcomed.” Pitch perfect.
  5. Normalized Abuse: As an added bonus to their post, the Daily Mail includes a link to a BBC ‘documentary’ called ‘No More Boys And Girls‘. In one classroom they go through the experiment of ridiculing characteristics that are male, and promoting characteristics that are female, in their need to claim ‘equality’. We can only hope that we can look back on this systematic abuse of our children by the state from a much better place in the future.

The Rowe’s are now in a legal struggle. Their lives will get incredibly more difficult. Their white privilege will be used against them and they certainly won’t be allowed inclusiveness or diversity to have their patriarchal, colonial, diverse opinion included. They will be unequal and according to the society in which they live, rightly so.

And yet when we listen to the Rowe’s, when we hear their argument, we see normal, everyday, nice people. The kind of people you know within your own family and friends. The kind of people you meet in the grocery store. The kind of people whose opinion you’d consider and whom you believe make a contribution to society. The kind of people that you think that you might be. Or were.

* Daily Mail, Scott Campbell; Christian parents take their son, six, out of Church of England primary school and plan to sue because a male classmate is allowed to wear a dress

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