The Clichéd David Johnston & Sustainable Societies

David Johnston Fred St-Pierre

The first thing that I was thinking when I read ‘sustainable societies’ was of failed societies, like much of the Middle East nations, much of the African nations, and many more besides. Those nations in fact have never been able to create their own civil societies on which to build a stable and free society. Tribal conflicts and jealousies, bigotries of all kinds, totalitarian mindsets, a victimhood complex of hatreds – they plague these lands past and present – so to think that they can build a stable society on top of this is naturally ludicrous.

But like much of what any politician says, their actual words aren’t meant to mean what the actual words mean. They have to be cross-referenced with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, or some other obscure reference book or almanac, in order to understand what they are really saying. At this point we can wheel in, on a dolly truck, in Hannibal Lecter fashion, the unfathomable David Johnston, speaking in Malmö, presumably under incredible security (on the down-low, Code 291, of course*).

CIJ News gives a good summary¹ of Johnston’s quotes, but this piece of clichéd, kitsch Newspeak is worthy of Professor Sock-Puppet Trudeau himself:

You understand this in Sweden. Your generosity has been extraordinary, and is rooted not merely in compassion but in an understanding that through inclusiveness, diversity makes our societies stronger. Inclusivity is the key. [David Johnston]

The Sock-Puppet himself is proud of saying, continuously, almost every day, like a Tourette’s patient wandering the streets of Ottawa, that ‘Diversity is not a weakness, in fact it’s a strength.” So naturally Johnston, in his employee capacity, is prone to the same gibberish. Johnston’s point is that by inviting in large numbers of non-Europeans into Sweden, who must have a different skin tone, and who must be Muslim (the statistics are pretty conclusive), this is diversity, and this will make Sweden stronger.

And David ‘The Hannibal‘ Johnston notes that it is compassionate to the indigenous Swedes to do this, and that the indigenous Swedes must also be inclusive to the incoming hordes; in other words, they must accept their cultural differences, which might include, but not be limited to, raping Swedish females. Because inclusivity is the key, you see.

Sweden was once a very stable society. But Sweden is no longer a stable or sustainable society. Sweden is in a cultural meltdown. Sweden has no resemblance to the country that spawned ABBA and Volvo. Violent crime, almost non-existent in the 1970s and 1980s, is now being hidden by state institutions at an alarming rate. Sweden tried diversity. It tried inclusivity. It tried compassion. It tried generosity. And it is now dying. It is quickly becoming a failed society. And can you actually build a stable or ‘sustainable’ society on top of a failed society?

Well Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming? [Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs]

* Code 291 is a (once-secret) code used by Swedish police to categorize crimes, so that endemic, out-of-control, migrant violent crimes could be officially hidden from the Swedish public

¹ CIJ News; Governor General in Malmö: “Diversity makes our societies stronger. Inclusivity is the key”

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