Bigot Of The Hour: Sarah Silverman

sarah-silverman-coverWinner: Sarah Silverman (political bigotry)

Branding an entire group of people, as variegated as the supporters of the Republican Party , as racists and fascists, is the very definition of bigotry.

Should we interrogate every single Donald Trump supporter, Sarah, one by one, and determine their racist and fascist coefficients? And then shall we do the same for supporters of Hillary Clinton and then compare notes? Or should we just use your sweeping bigotry to define all individuals who agree with some of the president’s policies as racists and fascists? Because that’s a whole lot easier for a bigot. That’s what bigots do.

The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. She perhaps still gets invited to dinner soirées, so maybe that’s the coefficient she uses to determine her own non-bigotry. She is happy to generalize about 60 million strangers, fellow American citizens, but as long as the 200 liberals in the ballroom are nice to her then everything’s OK. She’s a bigoted idiot – but she’s empowered by many around her, and that is all some of these bigots care about.

The Blaze, Dave Urbanski; Liberal celeb rips Trump over racist graffiti scrawled in school bathroom. Then culprit is revealed.

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