The ‘Red’ Carpet: The Media’s Obvious Vicarious Glee With The Oscars


Predictably, the media are ginning up the Oscars¹. Some person, trained to cry on cue, comes to the podium after winning some film award, actually cries on cue, and with that crying comes actual words, no doubt acted out in a transgender-accepting bathroom hours or even days prior. And those words: how powerful, how unique, how humbling, how awe-inspiring. And how so very, very brave, in front of such a dissenting crowd as this.

And because we are listening to a person trained to cry on cue, and because they will repeat non-freedom clichés, on cue, as trained, as required, we are all supposed to gasp in awe about how great they are, how wonderful their words are, how awful we are, and whatever words they say are the words that are the correct opinion about everything. It’s almost too easy. And it is. Red carpet.

How predictable. As predictable as ‘The butler did it!’ in a tired mystery script. As predictable as the media ginning up anything that diminishes such a simple thing as individual liberty. This stuff it’s becoming trivia. And trivial. And the media, like flies around a pile of shit, they’re just lapping it up, and expecting us to partake as well.

¹ BBC; Oscars glitz and glamour on the red carpet

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