Whites, Minorities & Jason Osamede Okunday


Okunday: no arrest, no charge, no ‘crime’.

It seems a cliché to mention that Britain has two streams of justice when it comes to its preposterous, infamous so-called ‘hate crimes‘.

The important aspect of these hate crimes to focus on (because everyone has the right to be offended) is that they have been developed, not so much to protect the ‘feelings’ of others, but more to differentiate between those who are deemed to be a threat to the control of the state, and those that look to the state for their ‘rights’. Therefore, one stream of justice is for the those who believe that freedom and sovereignty lies within the individual, and one for those that believe that human emancipation is only possible through the power and control of an over-arching, all-powerful state.

These two distinct classes of people are often crudely, and deliberately. described as ‘whites‘ and ‘minorities‘: the whites bring with them their legacy baggage of individual liberty and freedom; the minorities believe that the government will protect them from their regressive, oppressive culture and philosophies. Of course, not all whites are white, and not all minorities are a minority. The pasty-skinned liberal writer over at the Guardian is protected under the minority rubric, whereas the dark-skinned Brexit supporter is most definitely classified within the white classification.

This tendency of the state to parse out its citizens into those who can harm it, and those who can’t, won’t or don’t know how, was well captured in the classic 1984. Inside the ‘Ministry of Love‘, Winston Smith came to understand firsthand the two-tier system of justice where political crimes (thoughtcrimes) required much more rigorous attention from the state than actual crimes. The way you thought, your opinions, the way you express yourself, your wrongthink – that was the real crime, in effect the only crime.

And thus we finish with the Jason Osamede Okunday, who is a racist bigot. A few days ago he spewed out the following hate on Twitter during the weekly ‘Friday Night Riot‘ in London¹:

ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit (sic). [Jason Osamede Okunday]

After investigating this hate-crime for the mandated full, perfunctory 10 minutes, Cambridgeshire Police decided not to pursue an arrest. They decided, and made the decision, not to even try.

[There is] no realistic proposition of a conviction for any offence. [Cambridgeshire Police]

Okunday hates the culture of the ‘whites‘, he believes in massive state-control and he believes that European civilization, its culture and philosophies, needs to be replaced: of course the police won’t even try. This is in direct contrast to, not the 10 minutes, but the 10 police officers, and a SWAT helicopter, that the very same Cambridgeshire Police summoned recently to investigate a house party. Apparently, the ‘Bin Laden’ song was being played, and the initial attending officer ‘took offence’.

One response concerning racism for ‘minorities‘, a completely different one for ‘whites‘.

Across the Atlantic we are watching Europe slouch towards civil war, anarchy and tyranny with a mixture of fascination and fear. Whether the white/minority dichotomy or that of liberty and the state, we know Europe has fallen much more than we have at this point. However, her ideologies and theories of centralized statism are already with us, and they are growing stronger every day.

¹ Evening Standard, Hatty Collier; Police drop probe into Cambridge University student over tweets claiming ‘all white people are racist’
² Cambridge News, Raymond Brown; Police swoop on garden party where song mocking the death of Osama Bin Laden was played

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