Britain’s Political Prisoners: Dan Morrison

jail-cellA political prisoner is someone who is jailed in their own country for opposing or being critical of their own government. Under the rubric of ‘hate crime‘, Britain’s jails are now full of them.

One day in July of this year, in jolly old England, Dan Morrison sat outside a mosque, took off his clothes, and started shouting and swearing about Christianity and Islam. He might have been drunk and emotional at the time¹.

I’m Catholic ’til I die, and Christian as well. [Dan Morrison, outside the mosque]

Two days later, still in jolly old England, Zana Hassan walked inside a church during a service, kept his clothes on, and started shouting and swearing about Islam and Christianity. He might also have been drunk and emotional at the time².

I will fucking kill you and kill all the English bastards. [Zana Hassan, inside the church]

Morrison was charged with exposure, racially aggravated behaviour and religiously aggravated behaviour. Hassan was charged with racially aggravated behaviour. Morrison got six months of jail time; Hassan is a free man³. The magistrates’ request for a review into Hassan’s lenient sentence was denied by Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers, saying that his was a “low-level disorder”.

It seems that Britain’s entire judicial system has a fully-dysfunctional, high-level disorder.

¹ Daily Mail, Rory Tingle; Muslims are forced to hide in a mosque after racist stripped naked and hurled abuse at them while singing ‘I’m Catholic til I die’
² The Northern Echo; Iraqi man threatened to “kill all the English” after bursting into church service in Barnard Castle
³ An added bonus here is that Hassan was in the country illegally but was also not deported.

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