Britain’s Venezuela Moment


Theresa May; her skin and politics are becoming more transparent

Could it be that there is a moment in every nation’s history, or in its history of histories, where you look in from the outside and say, “There, that’s the moment it all changed!” Perhaps Damian Green’s recent pronouncements signal the ruling elites’ intention that hard-core socialism is a viable option for Britain.

There are some disturbing facts (truthful things) that should, but don’t seem to, concern Britain.┬áDuring Brexit, about 75% of the younger voters (18-24) were apparently keen to remain in an unelected, unaccountable, centralized, authoritarian bureaucracy (the European Union). During the recent UK election, about 64% of younger voters (18-24) were apparently keen to elect an unaccountable, centralized, authoritarian bureaucracy under the tutelage of quasi-crypto-communist (Jeremy Corbyn). Voters had to get to their late-40’s and early-50’s before any parity between voting Conservative or Labour appeared.


On July 1st, 2017, the 150th national birthday of one of its progeny, Canada, Britain’s quasi-government, under the tutelage of Theresa May, of the self-identified ‘Conservative’ party, stated their interest in rethinking capitalism, and giving away ‘free’ stuff, like college tuition*.

The discontent with capitalism since the 2008 crash, which is vaguely expressed as being anti-austerity, needs to be tackled head-on. [Damian Green, First Secretary]

Re-thinking capitalism? ‘Free’ stuff? Bigger government? So the choice is either the far-far-left of the Labour party, or the merely far-left of the Conservatives? It seem’s that Britain’s glorious Venezuelan future, with the added bonus of Islamic-controlled, Gaza-Strip-like sprawling favelas, is virtually guaranteed.

I hope the kids (18-24) are ready…

* Daily Mail, Simon Walters; Tory chaos over tuition fees ‘U-turn’: MPs left stunned by Theresa May’s plan to slash costs to grab youth vote from Labour

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