Scary Lauri Skori & Christian Censorship


Lauri Skori: she’s definitely got that government bureaucrat, you know, ‘look’.

The strategic religious expulsion and disaccommodation of Christianity continues unabated in the Untrue North. This time it’s in Alberta, currently governed by the quasi-communist NDP (not to be confused with the NSDAP). Lauri Skori* is a bureaucratic pension-seeker at the Battle River School Division (BRSD), which oversees the Cornerstone Christian Academy. As it happens, as one would assume, Cornerstone studies the Bible, both the old Jewish and the new Christian bits.

Lauri Skori (not to be confused with Mildred Ratched) doesn’t like Christians, Christianity, or their stupid book. So one day, bored, and with nothing new and exciting to regulate, she gingerly picked up the Good Book and started highlighting the bits that she didn’t like (Newspeak: ‘…that someone might find offensive.’) She then alerted Cornerstone to her pen-pushing musings, musings that she predictably wants to make mandatory¹.

Cornerstone’s chairman, Deanna Margel, was worried about this apparatchik’s over-reach, alerted the media and hired a lawyer. Now, if there’s one thing that gives Lauri Skori an upside-down smile is not having people clap their hands vigorously together when does something clever, like using a Sharpie or going potty. Her reaction to this vicious treachery was to reenact a Soviet show-trial during a recent board meeting.

We are disappointed by the way in which the [Cornerstone] society has turned our discussion into a public spectacle, We are now at the centre of a firestorm as a result of information distributed without our knowledge, by the Cornerstone Christian School Society board and their partner in this process, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Hate mail is flowing, misinformation and fear-mongering are widespread. The Cornerstone society has compromised our reputation, risked our safety and broken our trust. [Lauri Skori]

I am very angry and embarrassed that Cornerstone spoke the truth so that everyone could see what I’ve been up to. I am now being ridiculed because you snitched on me. I am now forced to pretend to allow people to have their opinions heard. Cornerstone has made me look like the bureaucratic loser that I am and I’m going to make you pay. [Newspeak]

The BRSD, in typical ivory-tower, deceptive, prevaricating fashion, released a statement² repeating how poor Lauri Skori has just been misunderstood, but still wanted everyone to know who’s in charge around here.

Battle River School Division was never suggesting or advocating that this Board would review scripture and decide which are appropriate or not. We do not consider it to be our place to determine what is offensive or not offensive. We do expect staff of the Christian School, as we do the staff of every school, to follow the obligations of the law and to present a broad perspective on all issues. We feel that staff at Cornerstone school ensure this is happening now. We do expect that to continue. [BRSD]

One wonders if Lauri Skori will have similar musings about the Quran? Better buy the bumper pack, Mildred.

* Real name

¹ CBC, Travis McEwan; Camrose school board, Christian academy no closer to resolution over contentious Bible verse

² BRSD; Providing clarification regarding Cornerstone Christian Academy Society

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