Tommy! (Video Link Updated)

Although it doesn’t seem so to us freedom folks on the other side of the pond, this, for the British people, this is seismic*. For virtually the first time, on a major British show, on a major British network, the ugly truth about Islam was allowed to rear its ugly head, just for a few minutes, to be on display for all to see. In today’s censored Europe, I don’t think the British people themselves quite grasp the importance of this moment; but I bet the elites do.

For sure Piers Morgan (Good Morning Britain) tried to trip up Tommy Robinson with their now infamous narratives, ‘Are you saying all Muslims…’, ‘Islam is a great faith…’, ‘You can’t separate Islam and Muslims…’, ‘Christianity is worse…’ They even spent some time in this 4-minute clip using ad-hominem attacks to try and shoot him down. Despite this, Robinson (@ 2:22) was able to hold aloft the Quran, quote Gladstone, while Morgan shouted, ‘Show some damn respect!’ with the cameraman trying to pan away. Cinéma vérité at its finest – a truly beautiful moment from the British media!

Updated media: good bit starts @ 11:00.

* Recent updates indicate this interview may already be restricted viewing in the United Kingdom.

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