William ‘Wild Bill’ Finlay – A Quiet Canadian Deportation

It wasn’t on the front page of the news anywhere, even in Calgary’s Sun or Herald, but Canada just deported United States citizen Willam ‘Wild Bill’ Finlay for not having the officially-sanctioned opinion about Islam, and for wanting to talk about its uncomfortable truths to Canadians.

Finlay was due to appear at the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam march and rally in Calgary on June 24th. Instead he was held in detention by Canadian Border officials for several hours and questioned, before being deported. The officials went through his iPad, the books he was carrying, his private notes, and declared that he had committed an uncited ‘hate crime’. The fact that no legislation was cited rings true, as there currently is no stand-alone ‘hate crime’ legislation in Canada when it comes to speech and opinion, as there is across all of Europe. The notorious M-103 has perhaps started the legislative process in Canada to bring in the same kind of stand-alone ‘crimes’ as now exist in Europe*.

It also appears that pension-seeking bureaucrats at Calgary city hall specifically targeted Finlay in order to prevent his views being voiced to Canadians. Calgary is one of currently six Canadian cities that have adopted so-called charters against so-called ‘Islamophobia‘. This term has been pushed by the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation for decades in order to deliberately create a fifth column within local and federal North American governments to promulgate the ‘crime’ of criticizing Islam (those uncomfortable truths) where speech is still free**.

Many jurisdictions have also instituted HotLines in order for Muslims to call in ‘hate crimes’; it appears facts, evidence, objectivity and even reality are not essential elements in recording ‘spikes’ that could then be used to advance this legislative agenda (European-style stand-alone ‘hate crime’ punishments). It also seems that some Canadian local jurisdictions now have staff who actually spend some of their time to enforce Islamic blasphemy codes. Paid for…by you!


* There does not need to be an underlying actual crime in order to enhance the punishment for the perceived ‘hate’ or ‘bias’; the hate or bias is a crime all by themselves.

** Refer to the documents relating to the Holyland Foundation Trial where the Muslim Brotherhood (and numerous unindicted co-conspirators such as CAIR) referred to bringing down our “miserable house” from within; to whit – our very own local and federal government officials.

CBC; Branded ‘hateful’ by Calgary officials, anti-Islam group vows to march regardless of permit




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