Professor Sock-Puppet Puffed To Pieces

_32As the belittled, despised and outed media continue to spin Trump, the Great Satan himself, they seem to be mocking conservatives by rolling out stories like the one about Professor Sock-Puppet and his kid¹. The tone of the written chiaroscuro could not be more pronounced. It’s not even as if Trump is really conservative, and he’s looking shaky on many of the promises that brought many conservatives to his side.

The media though – they’re not happy. They need to teach the people a lesson. Look at the power we have, they’ll taunt – we can talk about the virtue of the Iranian election, while discrediting a legitimate United States one; we can ignore Clinton’s multiple violations of the Espionage Act yet scold Trump for wanting two scoops of ice cream; we can ignore the Big Lie in Ferguson, yet concoct a Big Lie against Trump; we will brush aside Obama’s blatant constitutional violations yet repeat a call for impeachment against Trump without bothering to name the crime.

So until time travel is invented and Hillary finally wins last year’s election, journalists will fawn over pathetic leftists and ‘discover’ leaks about Trump saying something to someone that someone didn’t like.

¹ BBC; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brings his toddler to work

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