Richard Rojas, Jihad & Alyssa Elsman


Alyssa Elsman. Another one dead.

Pamela Geller neatly packs together some of the relevant news links associated with the Times Square jihad-tending attack in her post¹. Remember that the official propaganda line was ‘drunk’, ‘troubled history’, and the dreaded ‘mental illness’. There’s no doubt that Rojas is a nut job; the question is whether jihad is an egg-chicken cause or a chicken-egg effect.

The first case for jihad is where the embedded video shows the car plodding methodically along in the snarled Manhattan traffic, and then SJS or ‘sudden jihad syndrome‘ appears to kick in. The video is taken from a few angles but the first part of the video clearly shows the ‘snap’.

The second case for an Islamic connection to this potential jihad is Rojas’ family turning up for court: Exhibit A is a big, bushy beard; Exhibit B, the dreaded head-covering. People can grow whatever they want on their chins or wear any kind of head-hiding accessory; the question is, is there is an Islamic connection to tie Rojas to the jihad attack?

The third case is Rojas himself stated that God (or perhaps his ‘god’, Allah?) told him to do it and that he was supposed to be killed. Dying for Allah? Kind of sounds like the injunction of scores of Islamic texts for incitement to jihad, no?

So, did we once again miss the actual big story accidentally on purpose again – the press hiding, obfuscating and detracting jihad terror and its Islamic roots?

¹ Geller Report, Pamela Geller; Times Square Attacker’s Vicious, Deliberate Rampage: What They Aren’t Telling Us

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