Social Media Censorship Gets Criminal

maxresdefaultIt’s one thing to not be allowed to say what you want to say, but jailing people for saying it could become a new hobby for the judiciary in Europe. It seems European police are too busy with real criminal activity to sift through the entirety of social media themselves, looking for crimes hidden within its words and letters¹. Therefore entities like Facebook are doing some excellent sonderkommando work for the dying European project these days in this respect.

This prime example, still just indirectly referenced in the English media, comes from Sweden (in the 1970s a Nordic socialist utopia, today a rape-infested, crime-ridden caricature of a failed Middle-Eastern ‘country’)².

The 70-year old woman (who obviously thinks in the ‘beforetimes‘ way), is under the implausible, laughable, clichéd, but criminally-expedient charge of ‘incitement to hatred‘. What on earth did this mean-spirited oldthinker say?

Migrants set fire to cars and defecate in the streets. [Paraphrase – unnamed defendant]

Uh-huh. Right. Well, it took the crack Swedish speech police to decide that this is an incitement ‘crime’, and she must be punished. And that punishment? Up to four (4) years in jail. The sequence of events is just breath-taking:

  • Type out a fact on your phone while you suck on a Werther’s Original
  • Get ratted out by the social media platform you use
  • Get arrested by police the next day while watching Coronation Street
  • Spend two years under criminal investigation
  • Go to jail for four years

Will any of her sewing circle friends post anything ever again even remotely wrong? Look what happened to Doris, they’ll say. It’s a shame, they’ll say, but she’s old enough – she should have known better. Uh-huh. Right.

¹ Straits Times; Britain warns Facebook, Google, Twitter to better fight hate speech
² DailyWire, Joseph Curl; Woman, 70, Says Migrants Defecate In Streets, Set Cars on Fire. Cops Charge Her With Hate Crime

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