Are We Witnessing ‘Strategic Religious Accommodation’?

o-GAY-WEDDING-CAKE-facebookIs there a strategy that seeks to eliminate Christianity, that at the same time seeks to advance Islam?

What is religious accommodation? Using Canada as an example (a country halfway between the socialist madness of Europe and the remaining liberties of the United States):

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, discrimination because of religion (creed) is against the law. Everyone should have access to the same opportunities and benefits, and be treated with equal dignity and respect, regardless of their religion. [OHRC]

Taking employment as one example, an employer commits a crime by:

…refusing to make an exception to dress codes to recognize religious dress – requirements; refusing to allow individuals to observe periods of prayer at particular times during the day; refusing to permit individuals to take time off to observe a religious holiday. [OHRC]

By now we all know about the religious accommodation given to Muslims (in line with the dictates of the OHRC): you can wear head-coverings, you can wear long-sleeves during medical procedures, you can leave your employment during working hours to pray, and you can not only take the cultural holidays traditional to North America, but you can take your own as well.

But what does religious accommodation means to a Christian in North America, seeing as we never really needed it before, and Christianity for the last thirty years has been eradicated from the workplace and the public square? Let’s use the list above as a reference once again:

  • the clothes he wears have become standard for his various employments; accommodation isn’t really needed;
  • he prays when he’s away from the workplace; accommodation isn’t really needed;
  • he’s fine with the traditional Christian holidays as well as the secular ones.; accommodation isn’t really needed;

In fact, for anyone truly integrating into North American culture, accommodation was never really needed, was it? Once you’ve integrated and assimilated, you’re good to go on the clothing and praying and holiday thing.

By now we are all aware of the numerous Christians who are criminalized for not baking a cake celebrating a homosexual wedding, for British B&B owners who won’t allow homosexual couples to sleep in their home, for British airline workers that refuse to remove their crucifix, and for Christians who refuse to perform abortions¹. The list is big and getting bigger.

Is there a sinister side to this: a ‘strategic religious accommodation‘ if you will? If, as the OHRC infers, society is hell-bent in bending over backward to accommodate the religious beliefs of employees, then why the adamant refusal to allow freedom of conscious against homosexuality or the freedom of conscious against abortion?

This is not just ‘reverse accommodation‘ or the usual, expected double-standard. And this is not just the usual trump-rights situation where the homosexual beats the religious creed. Why? Well, because Muslims despise homosexuals (and if following Islamic sacred texts, must kill them), and Muslims also command against abortion (although in the dualistic way of the Islamic texts, aborting infidel babies can be fine).

The point here is (excluding the obvious Islamic contextual hatred of the non-Muslim for a moment), if both Muslims and Christians are considered to be practising their religion, and both are conscientious objectors to homosexuality and abortion, why are these types of accommodations excluded? Where are the news stories about Muslim doctors refusing to perform abortions on (Muslim) women and being fired? Where are the Muslim bakers refusing to celebrate a homosexual (Muslim) marriage by baking a cake (or even an halal pizza) and being fined?

Searching the internet finds a plethora of stories on Christians, and a dearth on Muslims. So, is there a strategy here? Is there a strategy that seeks to continue to eliminate Christianity (and its quaint beliefs), because that is of paramount importance, while at the same time seeks to continue to advance political Islam and religious Islam?

If this is the strategy, what would we see?

  • A plethora of news concerning Christians being fired or prosecuted for not observing homosexuality and abortion
  • A dearth of news concerning Muslims observing the same?*
  • Christian religious activity in the public space continuing to diminish
  • Muslim religious activity in public places increasing

Politically speaking, and Islam is a political system, this seems to be a rickety bridge to cross. But cross it they do; and as obvious, crass, and duplicitous as it is, you have to give them top marks for moving such a logically inconsistent strategy forward. With, of course, a lot of help from a lot of places. And that in itself, is a whole other case of strategy, of destroying our miserable house from within.

¹ BBC; Swedish anti-abortion midwife loses court case
* Perhaps there are many more news stories out there, but these stories are not really for public consumption, but are hidden, obfuscated or otherwise managed, just like the infamous story of the Toronto lesbian that wanted a haircut from a Muslim barber, but miraculously the issue faded away to silence!

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